Looking for some to ask? Don't know who? This page is dedicated to finding out who knows what. Please add your name to any of the technologies you feel you could help someone with, and of course add new technologies if you have experience for things not listed here.

Technology Name(s)
Java Geoff, Kamran, Farida
LaTeX Nicky, Rachel, Geoff, Kamran, Paul, Faisal, Farida, Scott, Sami
Mathematica Nicky, Scott
Matlab Rachel, Jen, Kamran, Paul, Sami
R Nicky, Gill
Eclipse. Geoff, Amjad
C/C++ Farida, Hani
Prism Amjad
Condor Geoff
SQL Kamran
NS2 Faisal
Endnote Hani
Python Sami